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Orgaworld Odour Abatement System Video

Here at Orgaworld Canada, we work hard developing innovative technologies for processing organic waste and we are continually adding new features to our odour abatement system. This video illustrates the unique, cutting edge system we use to keep the process of turning waste into compost, as odour-free as possible.

The first step in the process composting acts as the initial stage of odor abatement. Our system moves processed air through the spigot floors. The air moves from the bottom of the concrete floor, through the bio filter or tunnel of organic waste.

Part of the ammonia scrubbing system is the ammonia sulfate collections system. Ammonia sulfate is the byproduct of the ammonia scrubbing system, and is a CFI certified fertilizer.

After the ammonia scrubbers, the air travels through the cooling system, which is the first step of the wet bio scrubber. The air is first cooled and then proceeds into the bio scrubber where it is humidified. Natural organisms eat odorous compounds in the bio scrubber. The air is humidified to help encourage the bio filter life activity, and it also has its own odor removal effect. This is the media where the biology that eats odorous compounds lives. It is the inside of the bio scrubber. In stages, it goes from the ammonia scrubber to the cooling system to the bio scrubber.

The recirculation system allows us to recirculate or use different water streams to enhance the bacterial activity in the bio scrubber.
This process is called Reverse Osmosis. It is a new technology that is part of a recirculation system to improve the quality of the bio scrubber water. Orgaworld Canada is currently doing a test with the Ministry of the Environment to remove additional compounds from the water streams that re-circulate in the bio scrubber. It could potentially have impacts on odor and odor-causing compounds.

Bio filter media, located inside of the bio filter, is a hard wood media that's used to grow natural bacteria which consume odorous compounds. The bacteria consume and live on it. The dilution air fan is the final step before the stack. To improve the buoyancy of the air we introduce some exterior fresh air, with the air that's gone through the bio filter, to increase the dispersion. The stack is the final step before the abatement for an optimal dispersion model. The plume, which is just hot, humid air, rises straight up from the stack. 

At Orgaworld, we are proud to be involved in responsible waste management and in the business of building a more sustainable planet.