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Major improvements completed during the shutdown include the installation of a new 60 meter emission stack, replacing a 40 meter stack.

Travis Woolings: Having higher stack velocity means we are able to dilute the air better. We also have a boost fan at the base of our stack which basically boosts the fresh air into the base of the stack, well over 30%.

Hank Daniszewski: Orgraworld has also rebuild their filters and ammonia scrubbers.

Travis Woolings: We now run the ammonia scrubbers in tandem. Which means that we're able to preform maintenance on one and not the other and still maintain the integrity of our odour abatement system.

Hank Daniszewski: An additional bio filter has also been added.

Travis Woolings: Adding a bio filter means that we are adding retention time in the filters. So essentially what we're doing is we are keeping the air flowing through those filters longer.

Hank Daniszewski: Orgaworld, based in the Netherlands, opened the London plant in 2007. The plant takes in waste from green bin programs in Toronto, Vaughan and St. Thomas. As a precaution the plant is initially accepting only 650 tons of waste each week, about 1/3rd of it's normal capacity.

For the London Free Press, I'm Hank Daniszewski.