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Orgaworld Canada - Compost & Organic Waste


We are a leader in the sustainable treatment of organic waste using composting or anaerobic digestion (AD) in Europe and Canada. We treat organic waste and turn it into green energy and compost or fertiliser, completely eliminating the environmental risk arising from the uncontrolled disposal of organic matter.

Orgaworld’s Business model:

Organic waste is the most environmentally damaging form of waste to be sent to a landfill, because it decomposes into methane which is a harmful greenhouse gas (21 times worse than carbon dioxide). The Organics Division offers a sustainable alternative by treating organic waste, turning it into green energy, compost and fertiliser.

The division receives green waste (e.g. garden waste) and food waste from both municipalities and commercial businesses. It receives a gate fee for treating the waste, and income from the electricity and heat produced and associated subsidies in some territories. The remaining output is used as fertiliser and generates a nominal income or cost on disposal, depending on quality and territory.

Market Overview: Canada and North America

The Canadian and North American markets have very limited organic waste treatment and send over 90% of waste to landfill. National and provincial governments (especially in Canada) are keen to treat waste more sustainably and have passed legislation to support this development. As a result, we are seeing a significant increase in bidding activity at city and province level for organic treatment solutions - often combined with residual waste treatment such as MBT. While the timing of these opportunities remains somewhat unclear at the present, the long-term emergence of the North American Organics market is one of the most important growth areas in our portfolio. We believe we are well positioned to grow in this emerging market due to our Dutch organic experience, UK Municipal expertise and established Canadian footprint.

Orgaworld’s Products and Technologies:

We operate two main technologies for the treatment of Organic waste: AD and tunnel composting.

AD can be performed in a wet or dry process. In the wet AD process, AD operates in a similar process to a digestive tract. De-packaged food slurry is fed into large steel digester tanks full of bacteria, which break down the organic waste to produce methane and digestate. The methane is burned in engines to produce electricity (and heat, where the latter has an economic use). The digestate is dewatered where possible and treated to become a fertiliser, while the water is cleaned and discharged.

Tunnel composting is an accelerated composting technology which uses forced aeration to process food, garden waste and other types of waste into compost.