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Orgaworld Composting Tips


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Did you know that about one-third of your household garbage is organic material? This material can be processed into compost for use on farms, parklands, and gardens, but is instead being sent into a landfill. The Green Bin Program collects organic waste, which saves the City millions of dollars and reduces the need for more landfills. Currently the Green Bin Program services 510,000 single-family households, and is now being rolled out to apartments, condos, and co-op buildings receiving City collection.

Orgaworld Canada wants to help you lead a more sustainable lifestyle as we head into 2015. To help Orgaworld compost more material, analyze your waste and decide what is organic.


What is accepted:

- Fruits & vegetables

- Meat & fish products

- Grain products

- Baked goods and baking ingredients

cake, cookies, flour, sugar, spices, eggs and eggshells

- Dairy Products

milk, cheese, yogurt

- Other food products

candy, confectionary, coffee grinds, coffee filters and tea bags

- Paper Products

paper towels, facial tissue, muffin paper, microwave popcorn bags and paper candy wrappers
- Personal Hygiene

diapers, sanitary products, incontinence products, nail clippings and hair
- Pet Waste

Small amounts of shredded paper, house plants, soil, flowers (dried and fresh), sawdust

(wood sources only - not pressure treated. No sawdust from melamine, composite wood, particle board, etc. will be accepted)



The following paper products are recyclable and are best placed in the Blue Box, but if they are heavily soiled with food they are accepted in the Green Bin program


- Soiled paper plates and cups, boxboard and cardboard (pizza boxes), flour and sugar bags,

molded pulp trays (egg cartons & take-out trays), newspaper, polycoat containers (ice cream

containers) and kraft paper (meat wrap)


What Should NOT be put in the Green Bin:

- Artificial Flowers & Plants

- Ashes

- Baby Wipes

- Candles

- Carpet & Rugs

- Cigarette Butts

- Clothing, Leather & Textiles

- Corks

- Cotton Balls, Ear Cleaners & Makeup Removal Pads

- Dead Animals

- Disposable Mop Sheets

- Dryer Lint

- Dryer Sheets

- Foil

- Gum

- Lint

- Milk Bags

- Popsicle Sticks

- Styrofoam

- Tissue Paper for Gift Bags

- Plastic Wrap & bags

- Wax Paper

- Wood

- Toothpicks

- Vacuum Cleaner Bags & Contents

- Yard Waste


For more information on the Green Bin program, check out the Ottawa, Toronto, or York website.


For more information on composting and facts on recycling, be sure to check out our Twitter and Pinterest pages.