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Orgaworld Compost Video

Ontario is known for its beautiful acres of crop filled fields, making it the perfect environment for a booming agricultural industry. Ontario is also the home of the London and Ottawa plants of Orgaworld Canada LTD. We are an innovative and fast growing company in the field of organic waste recycling and renewable energy. Orgaworld focuses on the transition of source separated organics, such as kitchen and commercial waste into finished products including energy, bio-fuels, and agricultural commodities like compost and animal bedding.

I'm John Watterworth and I grow corn. We buy an awful lot of Orgaworld compost for all of our cropping fertilizer requirements for our entire crop. Um, last 3 or 4 years we've been running almost solely completely Orgaworld compost, nothing but compost. We find that it works, it's a really good product, it works well, grows a nice crop and reduces our fertilizer budget.

Orgaworld turns waste into Eco-friendly compost for crops and animals to create new sustainable society.

The compost helps build our organic matter and gives us the soil, it makes the soils a little bit healthier. it gives us some soil health, increases the microbes which is the really tiny micro-organisms that nobody knows how they work but the more you have the more, the better the crop is, it feeds the crop that much more effectively.

We've virtually eliminated the all-commercial fertilizers. The only fertilizers we're using here right now is a very small amount of liquid, popup liquid starter since we've been using the compost, solely on the better part of 2,000 acres.

Very clean, very dry, it helps build soil structure, and the biology, and it helps get the crops going. Consistent availability, it's dry, it's clean, and the fact that it adds to the manure rather than takes away, sawdust for example the carbo-nitrate ratio is 500 to 1 and this bedding is 20 to 1. So, you put sawdust in your manure it's going to take up nitrogen to break down. So using compost it doesn't do that, I have a higher value of product to put over the field.

Not only are we re-using material at Orgaworld to improve crop yield, but our compost has proven to give animals a more natural environment.

The cow comfort with the compost is really good. We are using a deep bed to pack similar to what we're using to haul it and one of the advantages is there's no swollen hogs, there's no bruising on the cows. They can get up and down in the stable in a fluid motion, like they would on a pasture.

Oh, the cows love it, you look at them all stretched out, laying comfortably.

Approximately 80 to 85% of all incoming or outgoing organic waste is diverted from landfills where it would sit for decades if not eternity. The material comes into our facility as waste and then we turn it into a re-usable product, while also decreasing collective waste. Orgaworld is a growing company that brings a leading edge, European waste diversion technology to Canada contributing to the local green technology sector and a more sustainable future for all Canadians.

Compost basically helps improve soil structure, increases water retention. So it helps you in the summertime when we're running out of water. You see a lot healthier plants, a lot bigger plants, and it's hard to say whether it makes up for yield, but at the end of the day it makes a heck of a lot of sense.

It's a good product. We're carrying a waste and re-usable product that works very effectively for the farmers that want to use it.