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Orgaworld Odour & Compost Discussed

How is Orgaworld’s compost purified?
The material is heated to at least 55 degrees centigrade for a minimum of 3 days, and that is how the pathogens are inactivated.

How is Orgaworld’s compost product tested?
All our compost is tested by an independent third party laboratory. We use two different companies, one for each site.

What is the odour that can sometimes be detected near the plant?
It’s what we call in the industry as a rest odour, and the rest odour is generated through biological odour treatment systems. The majority of the odour treatment is done by a wood biofilter, and the wood in itself has a rest odour. Essentially what you’re smelling, or what you can detect is the rest odour of our biofilters, that’s why.