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Orgaworld Surrey Biofuel Processing Facility


On Friday, February 27th, 2015, the City of Surrey held a ceremony for the planned Orgaworld Surrey Biofuel Processing Facility. The facility is set to be completed in 2017.

Kitchen and yard waste will be collected at curbside to be converted into renewable natural gas. This renewable energy will then be used to power the city’s waste collection vehicles and district energy system. Compost will also be created as a product.

This organic biofuel facility will be the first fully integrated, closed-loop waste management system in North America and will be able to process 115,000 metric tonnes of organic waste each year.

"It will reduce CO2 emissions in Surrey by 40,000 tonnes a year - that's the equivalent of taking 8,500 cars off the road per year," stated Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner.

Below are photos taken from the event.




You can read more about the Orgaworld Surrey Facility here: http://orgaworld.nl/burgemeester-surrey-verricht-openingsceremonie-nieuwe-locatie-orgaworld-canada