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Orgaworld: Innovating the Process of Turning Food Waste into Electricity


Did you know that anaerobic digestion is a clean, natural and environmentally friendly process generating electricity from food waste? Sounds simple, right? Actually anaerobic digestion involves a set of processes that break down decomposable material using natural microorganisms in an oxygen-free environment. The end product is an energy-rich gas that can be used to create renewable electricity. The benefits go farther than this, however, as keeping food waste out of landfills prevents the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Why Waste Management Companies Should Use Anaerobic Digestion
If you are a consumer concerned about the impact waste has on the environment, you may want to learn why it is important that your waste management company utilizes this innovative process of converting waste into energy.

Here are some things to consider about biogas and the anaerobic digestion process:

  • The biogas process is quick. It only takes 40 days to complete and is chemical free.
  • Are you concerned with odor issues that waste management facilities emit? Anaerobic digestion is a carbon positive process that produces low odor volume, making it easy for your waste management facility to comply with government legislation and to be a good neighbor in the community.
  • Did you know that food waste in landfills makes greenhouse gas 21 times more harmful to the environment than CO2? Anaerobic digestion traps any methane produced and converts it into a renewable energy and heat source. For example, if 20 million tons of food waste is used to generate electricity through anaerobic digestion as opposed to being sent to a landfill, the carbon savings is around 3.4 million tons per year.

Anaerobic digestion is part of the future of waste management, and a crucial step in saving the planet from harmful greenhouse gas emissions and consumer waste. Landfills are overflowing with waste, but biogas is a resource. By converting waste into a surplus of energy, Orgaworld is doing its part in creating a sustainable world where we can create energy from the waste collected from domestic bins and industrial containers. The ability to control and manage energy sources from renewable sources is an invaluable advantage of anaerobic digestion.

Both consumers and waste management companies are responsible for reducing the amount of pollutants introduced into our environment. At Orgaworld, we are committed to using processes that make our planet safer, healthier and cleaner for our clients.