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Orgaworld Odour Myth and Composting in News

Orgaworld was recently in the news as part of this study on the uses of composting and fertilizer. Orgaworld Fertilizer helps farmers produce higher yields. Composting is the way of the future!


What are the benefits of using compost as fertilizer? Well for the past 3 years the compost council of Canada has been comparing different types of green bin matter with commercial fertilizer to see if it's a good alternative for farmers. In Strathroy a second compost trial will begin next week using compost of two London facilities. Kelly has more.

Remnants of last years corn harvest is still evident on this plot of farmland behind Strathmere lodge in Strathroy The compost news was from south London's Orgaworld, for years a center of controversy due to a smell but there were no complaints when it was used as fertilizer this time last year.

Last year there were people walking their dog and they'd go, "oh, this is really a pleasant smell. Since it's applied and incorporated, it's not there for very long so it's not intense."

A second trial in Strathroy was approved earlier this week by Middlesex County Council after last year's trial yielded positive results.

"We got about, between a 7-8 bushel of yield increase in the corn where the compost was applied compared to what was just fertilizer.

This year the trial will compare two different kinds of compost. Material from 2 Middlesex facilities, Orgaworld and TRY recycling will be used on two plots, seen behind me here in Strathroy.

"Ideally, it's to put a little bit better dollar value on organic matter."

And while Brown says she understands the cost that comes with composting, she says she hopes to see green bins used one day in London.

"From our project perspective, where I'm looking at diverting as much organic waste from landfills to put it back on agricultural land, that's where it should be, it makes a lot of sense so it would be nice if every municipality had a green bin program.