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Orgaworld responds to concerns about the green bin program

Orgaworld is deeply committed to working constructively with the City of Ottawa for an equitable solution that will deliver a cost effective source separated organics (SSO) program to the citizens of Ottawa.  The company looks forward to building a constructive dialogue for a resolution of Ottawa's waste challenges going forward and to continuing our proud record of excellent service to the municipality.

In 2007 Orgaworld was awarded a competitively tendered contract to process 100,000 tons per annum of SSO with an 80,000 ton put or pay commitment. The $25 million plant was successfully constructed and has been seamlessly providing service to the City from commissioning in January of 2010.

Unfortunately, the City was unable to consistently supply the forecasted 80,000 tons of SSO per annum.  Orgaworld has therefore processed leaf and yard waste throughout the year in addition to the SSO waste stream while working within the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Certificate of Approval operating limits and health and safety requirements. It should be noted that it is anticipated that the city will meet their put or pay this year.  Modifying the residential SSO program to include plastics, diapers and pet waste (as anticipated in the contract) would substantially increase the amount of SSO being delivered to Orgaworld.

The City and Orgaworld entered into commercial arbitration in 2011 to clarify ambiguous contract terms. Orgaworld was surprised and disappointed by the recent ruling of the arbitrator, not only because most of the legal judgements appeared to support their case, but because the ruling did not actually clarify the working relationship going forward.

Orgaworld has to date also maintained its silence around the recent audit report of how the City managed its green bin program. Orgaworld would like to stress that this was an internal audit of the City, not an audit of Orgaworld.  Orgaworld was not interviewed until the last moment when the City Auditor toured its facilities in Ottawa and London with the objective of understanding how their process works for background purposes only.  The company was not asked to provide documents or make comment, but remained available and cooperative throughout.

Orgaworld notes that the cost to the City and its taxpayers to exit the contract, as proposed in the Auditors report would be substantial (as documented in Schedule 10, subsection 6 of the contract). Orgaworld’s Acting General Manager, Dale Harley, stated:  “Cancelling the contract is the wrong thing for the City to do and would be very expensive.  Instead, we should work together with the intent of refining the program to increase participation rates, promote waste diversion from landfills and deliver a more cost effective solution to the city’s taxpayers.”

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