Compost is a quality product for soil improvement and is very well suited for enhancing the level of organic particles in the soil. In comparison to (non-processed) animal manure, compost is better for the quality of soil and water, because in compost there is a steady release of nutrients over a long period of time. Moreover, it can help reduce the consumption of (fossil) peat by acting as a substitute, in potting compost for example.

Soil additives:

Soil additives stimulate populations in the soil and in compost. These products make improvements to the soil and will further enhance and rebuild your soil. Soil and plant quality improve substantially when properly selected microorganisms are used. Soil additives can be useful when used on the ground or crop residues to hasten decay of organic matter .

Orgapower uses innovative technologies to process organic waste  in order to create high quality products such as compost and soil additives for the agricultural industry.

Consumer products:

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